• First Anti-Drone Race

    First Anti-Drone Race

    DroneClash To incorporate drones in our lives in a good and safe way, we need anti-drone instruments. On 13 February the TU Delft Micro Air Vehicle Lab (MAVLab) will therefore host the first ever anti-drone […]

  • IMAV 2016

    IMAV 2016

    In the week of October 17-21, the Micro Air Vehicle lab participated in the IMAV 2016 conference and competitions, which took place at the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), in China. This year, the competitions […]

  • DELFTACOPTER - Outback Medical Express

    DELFTACOPTER – Outback Medical Express

    DELFTACOPTER is a hybrid electric UAV with exceptional efficiency both in hovering and fast forward flight. It is equipped with state of the art on-board stereoscopic wide field of view computer vision. The design combines the […]

  • Author: Kirk Scheper

    Guest Lecture: Prof. Guszti Eiben and The First Robotic Baby

    Professor Guszti Eiben from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam will be coming to our faculty at 10:00 on the 18th of March to give a one hour guest lecture on the topic “The world’s first real […]

  • BERISUAS International Test - UAS in Maritime Incident Response

    BERISUAS International Test – UAS in Maritime Incident Response

    On Saturday, June 18th the first international test with deploying an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to aid in combating an incident onboard a ship will take place on the Westerschelde. The small unmanned aircraft will […]

  • Innovation Awards

    Innovation Awards

    DelFly Explorer is selected to participate at the Innovation Awards: https://innovation-awards.nl/concept/delfly-explorer/  

  • BERISUAS Symposium

    BERISUAS Symposium

    BERISUAS stands for “Better response and improved safety through UAS” Read the BERISUAS Publication Project Video: TU Delft is the lead partner of Berisuas. A symposium closing phase 1 was held in Woensdrecht November 6th. See […]

  • DIG-it 2014: Swarm of Pocket Drones

    DIG-it 2014: Swarm of Pocket Drones

  • Outback UAV Challenge 2014 (team OpenUAS)

    Outback UAV Challenge 2014 (team OpenUAS)

    http://www.uavoutbackchallenge.com.au/ www.uavchallenge.csiro.au/galleries/2014/open_uas/open_uas.php

  • IMAV 2014

    IMAV 2014

    The International Micro Air Vehicle conference and competition 2014 (IMAV 2014) took place in Delft, the Netherlands. See: http://www.imavs.org