YearAwardEvent details
2019WinnerAlphaPilot AI drone race challenge
2019Special achievement paper awardIMAV 2019 with the paper: "Hear-and-avoid for UAVs using convolutional neural networks"
20181st place outdoor competitionIMAV 2018, joint team with ENAC
2018Most Innovative DesignIMAV 2018, for the use of the Delfly Nimble with on-board vision
2018Innovation OscarDrones in Water Management (Pelican drone project)
2017System Design awardIMAV 2017 for the use of UWB formation flight and cooperative carrying
20173rd place indoor competitionIMAV 2017
2017Best paper awardIMAV 2017 with the paper: "Quad-thopter: tailless flapping wing robot with 4 pairs of wings"
20162nd placeIROS Drone race
20163rd place indoor competitionIMAV 2016
2016Best paper awardIMAV 2016 for the paper "Control of a hybrid helicopter with wings"
20162nd placeOutback Medical Express UAV Challenge
2016Airmanship awardOutback Medical Express UAV Challenge
2015Special AchievementIMAV 2015 for the feed=forward control of Nano Quad CX-10
20153rd place in indoor competitionIMAV 2015
20131st place in outdoor competitionIMAV 2013
20131st place in indoor competitionIMAV 2013
20133rd place in indoor autonomy awardIMAV 2013
20101st place in the category "Indoor Flight Dynamics - Flapping Wing MAVs"IMAV 2010
2009Nationale Luchtvaart PrijsMicrovliegtuig Delfly
2008Smallest camera equipped AirplaneGuinness World Record for the world's "smallest camera plane", the Delfly Micro
2008Special PrizeEMAV 2008 for "Indoor Flight Dynamics - Best automatic MAV"
20083rd place outdoor autonomy competitionEMAV 2008
2007Best demoInspire Prize
2005ID-NL Jaarprijs 2015Holland Innovation Prize