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Open Source Iridium Communication IRIDIUM CORE IR9523 Carrier Board

Iridium The MavLab released v1.0 of their Iridium Satellite Communication System. Overall it acts as a transparent link with serial communication at 9600 bps. Internally, the communication to iridium satellites is done by the an OEM module, namely the IRIDIUM CORE IR9523. The board consists of a six layer motherboard PCB. It carries the SIM-card and all […]

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DELFTACOPTER – Outback Medical Express

DELFTACOPTER is a hybrid electric UAV with exceptional efficiency both in hovering and fast forward flight. It is equipped with state of the art on-board stereoscopic wide field of view computer vision. The design combines the expertise of the MAVLab in the areas of design, propulsion, aerodynamics, control, hybrid UAV, transitioning flight, battery technology, autopilot design […]

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Optical Flow based Slope Estimation

Our open-source “Optical Flow based Slope Estimation” code can be found: first_release_OF_slope_estimation publication: G. De Croon, H. Ho, C. De Wagter, E. Van Kampen, B. Remes, and Q. Chu, “Optic-flow based slope estimation for autonomous landing,” International journal of micro air vehicles, vol. 5, iss. 4, p. 287–298, 2013. [Bibtex] @article{de2013optic, title={Optic-flow based slope estimation […]

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paparazzi lisa-s

LISA-S: “the world’s smallest open source autopilot”

he Micro Aerial Vehicle Laboratory at the TU Delft faculty of Aerospace Engineering has designed, built and tested the world’s smallest open source autopilot for small unmanned aircraft. A smaller – and lighter – autopilot allows these small flying robots to fly longer, fit into narrower spaces or carry more payloads, such as cameras. That […]

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