Control of the Cyclone Hybrid UAV

Cyclone In cooperation with the dronelab of ENAC in Toulouse, we have developed a hybrid UAV, called ‘Cyclone’. It is hybrid in the sense that it can hover, as well as fly like an airplane. To benefit from the efficiency of the wing, the drone spends most of its time in forward flight, as such, […]

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Hybrid MAV wins 1st prize at DSE Symposium

The objective of this project was to design a system of multiple MAVs capable of flying in a swarm to win the outdoor flight competition of IMAV2013. Besides performing several mission elements, emphasis is put on two different aspects of the MAVs for this competition, namely the level of autonomy and the size of the […]

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Swarm of Hybrid UAVs for the Acquisition of Distributed Measurements

A Swarm of Hybrid UAV can perform measurements in a large area. To cover this area, the drones need quite some range. However, to perform their measurements, they should be able to land anywhere. That is why the choice is made for hybrid UAVs. A hybrid UAV can take off an land vertically (VTOL) like […]

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