Introduction to Paparazzi Autopilot

Parapazzi Introductory Course Please find the introduction to vision based control with the paparazzi autopilot on a Bebop in an Optitrack arena at: Video Tutorials The following playlists shows how to get started with Paparazzi. Wiki If you want to know more about Paparazzi, visit the wiki:

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Open Source Iridium Communication IRIDIUM CORE IR9523 Carrier Board

Iridium The MavLab released v1.0 of their Iridium Satellite Communication System. Overall it acts as a transparent link with serial communication at 9600 bps. Internally, the communication to iridium satellites is done by the an OEM module, namely the IRIDIUM CORE IR9523. The board consists of a six layer motherboard PCB. It carries the SIM-card and all […]

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Optical Flow based Slope Estimation

Our open-source “Optical Flow based Slope Estimation” code can be found: first_release_OF_slope_estimation publication: G. De Croon, H. Ho, C. De Wagter, E. Van Kampen, B. Remes, and Q. Chu, “Optic-flow based slope estimation for autonomous landing,” International journal of micro air vehicles, vol. 5, iss. 4, p. 287–298, 2013. [Bibtex] @article{de2013optic, title={Optic-flow based slope estimation […]

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The MAVLab participates in several open source projects. The projects can be found on github:  

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