• Cyber Zoo Opened

    Cyber Zoo Opened

    The opening of the TU Delft Cyber Zoo was Wednesday 5th of March. The Cyber Zoo is a new research and test laboratory for flying and walking swarm robots. Read more on http://www.tudelft.nl/en/current/latest-news/article/detail/cyber-zoo-nieuw-lab-tu-delft-met-vliegende-en-kruipende-robots/

  • Spinoffs


    http://www.dutchuas-tudelft.nl/ http://www.atmosuav.com/ http://www.roboswift.nl/ http://www.heeringuas.nl/

  • Innovation Awards

    Innovation Awards

    DelFly Explorer is selected to participate at the Innovation Awards: https://innovation-awards.nl/concept/delfly-explorer/  

  • BERISUAS Symposium

    BERISUAS Symposium

    BERISUAS stands for “Better response and improved safety through UAS” Read the BERISUAS Publication Project Video: TU Delft is the lead partner of Berisuas. A symposium closing phase 1 was held in Woensdrecht November 6th. See […]

  • DIG-it 2014: Swarm of Pocket Drones

    DIG-it 2014: Swarm of Pocket Drones

  • 3I


    Integrated Coastal Zone Management via Increased Situation Awareness through Innovations on Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Project website: http://www.2seas-uav.com/

  • Outback UAV Challenge 2014 (team OpenUAS)

    Outback UAV Challenge 2014 (team OpenUAS)

    http://www.uavoutbackchallenge.com.au/ www.uavchallenge.csiro.au/galleries/2014/open_uas/open_uas.php

  • IMAV 2014

    IMAV 2014

    The International Micro Air Vehicle conference and competition 2014 (IMAV 2014) took place in Delft, the Netherlands. See: http://www.imavs.org 

  • FireSwarm


    In this project, research is performed on a swarm of MAVs that will be able to search in a large area in order to detect and monitor forest fires. The MAVs make use of distributed […]

  • Evolutionary Robotics

    Evolutionary Robotics for Micro Air Vehicles

    Small robots with limited computational and sensory capabilities are becoming more commonplace. Designing effective behaviour for small robotic platforms to complete complex tasks is a major challenge. A promising methodology to address this problem is […]