evolutionary robotics

Author: Kirk Scheper

Guest Lecture: Prof. Guszti Eiben and The First Robotic Baby

Professor Guszti Eiben from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam will be coming to our faculty at 10:00 on the 18th of March to give a one hour guest lecture on the topic “The world’s first real robotic baby”. This is an open lecture with lots of seats so all interested are invited to Lecture Room D […]

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See distances with one eye

New theory allows drones to see distances with one eye

A new theory has been published that allows drones to see distances with a single camera. TU Delft’s Micro Air Vehicle Laboratory has found that drones approaching an object with an insect-inspired vision strategy become unstable at a specific distance from the object. Turning this weakness into a strength, drones can actually use the timely […]

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Evolutionary Robotics

Evolutionary Robotics for Micro Air Vehicles

Small robots with limited computational and sensory capabilities are becoming more commonplace. Designing effective behaviour for small robotic platforms to complete complex tasks is a major challenge. A promising methodology to address this problem is found in Evolutionary Robotics (ER), in which a robot’s controller, and possibly its body, is optimised using Evolutionary Learning (EL) […]

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