computer vision

Tom van Dijk

New PhD student: Tom van Dijk

We are happy to introduce a new PhD student – Tom van Dijk – within the project “PercEvite: Sense and avoid technology for small drones”. Tom recently graduated from Delft University of Technology with a double MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering and in Systems & Control, with a specialization in robotics and a thesis on […]

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Micro Air Vehicles

C. De Wagter, R. Ruijsink, E. J. J. Smeur, K. G. van Hecke, F. van Tienen, E. van der Horst, and B. D. W. Remes, “Design, control, and visual navigation of the delftacopter vtol tail-sitter uav,” Journal of field robotics. [Bibtex] @article{Wagter2018, author = {De Wagter, Christophe and Ruijsink, Rick and Smeur, Ewoud J. J. […]

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