• DelFly


    In the DelFly project, we design and study autonomous flapping wing MAVs. Our approach is to always work with flying platforms that can carry payload such as a camera. On the one hand, we work […]

  • swarm art

    6 DelFly’s in Swarm Art

  • DelFly Micro

    DelFly Micro is the smallest camera equipped aircraft in the world

    DelFly Micro is the “Smallest camera equipped Airplane” is the world (*Guiness Book of Records 2008). Read the full TUDelft article about DelFly here. Visit the delfly website at: http://www.delfly.nl/

  • Micro Air Vehicles

    2009 D. Lentink, S. R. Jongerius, and N. L. Bradshaw, “The scalable design of flapping micro-air vehicles inspired by insect flight,” , D. Floreano, Z. J.C., M. V. Srinivasan, and C. Ellington, Eds., Springer-Verlag Berlin, […]

  • Autonomous flight of Micro to Nano Air Vehicles

    Paparazzi Lisa-S Autopilot The challenges in autonomous flight of MAVs derive from the stringent weight and power requirements of MAVs. For example, the DelFly II flapping wing MAV weighs around 16 gram, including battery, sensors, […]