• Pelican Drone

    Pelican Drone

    Besides dikes, the Netherlands are well known for its many lakes and rivers. It is difficult and labor intensive to properly monitor them all, even though many applications beg for high-res and high-frequency data. These […]

  • New MavLab Students

    New MavLab Students

    Welcome to the MavLab. Before you start, please take some time to read our introduction. It has the links to software, rules, calendars, groups etc. https://svn.lr.tudelft.nl/trac/MAVLAB If you do not have access yet, please send […]

  • M.Sc. Assignments

    M.Sc. Assignments

    MAVLab offers various M.Sc. assignments that correspond to the research topics of the group. Please contact any MAVlab members for an overview of available assignments.